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best real money irish online casinosWe welcome you to our portal, a high-quality online casino portal focused on the Irish market.

If you are here reading this page, it can only mean that you are particularly interested in playing online casino games. As our site is based on the Irish market, we assume you’re Irish. However, the site has been translated into the English language so it can generally be accessed by anybody online. Here we give you a secure and reliable environment where you can play your preferred casino games. And we encourage you to register with at least one or more recommended online casinos that have been linked to on this page.

We have reviewed several online casinos and so far chosen the best 6 online casinos that we can recommend on this portal. Additionally, we can guarantee that the sites are safe to use and offer authentic games with a legitimate opportunity to win. Besides we have also provided aid in the form of a casino games segment in order to explain the basics of playing different casino games in a simple and comprehensive way, this list will be updated in the near future.

List of the best Irish Real Money Casinos 2018

To make it easier for you, we have created a site that focuses on Casino Providers available for Players residing in Ireland.

How online Casino works?

You can have a lot of fun trying out new casino games, but we recommend that you carefully read through the guidelines of the game even though most online casino games are made free to play, doing this will greatly enhance your playing experience.

Additionally, we make sure to publish articles regularly based on anything associated with online gambling. The articles may be in the form of the latest news or information that particularly focuses on one online casino game or an online casino operator, maybe some information on one that you have used before. We will also be providing published articles on a few tutorials for different games that are sure to increase your chances of success.

Without a doubt, Casino games are based on luck and it is very important to note that casinos always have the house advantage of any game, however with enough skill and knowledge you can be sure to gain success and have a good experience.

How to play online Casino?

You can play online in the same way as at land-based casinos. Most casino games are different in terms of the house advantage as some casino games like Poker require higher skill than some other games like Slots, but we provide enough help – no matter the game you choose to play.

However, there some points to consider:

  1. Most casino games are different in terms of the house advantage as some casino games like Poker require higher skill than some other games like Slots, but we provide enough help – no matter the game you choose to play.
  2. One thing to specially take note of is that a casino always makes money in the long term, but they don’t always make money every time from every player. The key term here is ‘average’. Being above average will gain you more success than non-users who play below average.
  3. You shall also be focusing on the topic of making deposits to your preferred online casino and more importantly on the withdrawals of your winnings, there are several ways you can make a deposit into an online casino, though some of them are more convenient than others.

How does our portal help?

best irish casinos with bonusesThis website is made available at all times to ensure players can have steady access to our services. The online casinos included on this site have services available 24 hours a day including support on games, odds, payments, and withdrawals etc. So, you have the option to play different games like Blackjack, Roulette and all kinds of Poker. You can also discuss with others on your experiences on using various casino online sites.  After all, y

After all, you need to initially register on the website of your preferred online casino before you start playing games And finally in order to play for real money fill in your credit card details and other account information and enter the amount you want to be debited.  When you win, you can make withdrawals back to your account as long as they are less than your stake amount. You will later receive a check in the settlement if you are successful.

How to select the best Real Money Casino?

Although there are several online casinos, there are a few of them that clearly outclass the rest. New online casinos are getting launched day by day, but being the best casino for real money takes great effort.

There are several online casinos that actually have no license to operate, but they do so, just to make money by cheating unsuspecting players. Because of this, players find it difficult to determine the best casinos. If you are planning on playing at the best online casinos then take these factors into consideration:

1. License and Regulation

When dealing with online casinos, you will find several legal issues as gambling is classified as a legal issue, you need to be extra careful that you are safe and guaranteed properly. All the top online casinos are properly licensed by the appropriate authority and are regulated by the gambling laws of their territory where they operate. Players will feel secure knowing their information and account details are kept confidential in a regulated casino.

You can easily go to the website of an online casino directly – to determine if they are licensed or not. Be sure to keep an eye on the fine print as well. You can also look for reviews of the online casino mostly found on forums for players and users. The best online casinos are largely followed by their loyal players who give honest reviews. You can easily find out whether an online casino is good by simply checking the reviews. Just find online casinos operated by widely known companies with a good reputation in the industry. But you should focus on casinos that have been operational for at least 3 years as this is enough time for an online casino to build its credibility.

2. Look and Feel

One of the first things a person may notice is the look and feel of the online casino website and the design layout is an important factor because of this.

A casino provides a unique experience and therefore relies on several factors. A traditional casino is generally known for its live entertainment and dynamic environment and the best online casinos attempt to provide a similar experience to players to keep them interested. Some casinos allow instant communication for players to have fun and talk to each other.

3. Games

There are usually three main types of games offered in an online casino. The first is the number games such as Keno and Bingo. The second is the table games that are played by seating alongside other players. Some of the widely known games include baccarat, blackjack, roulette poker, backgammon, casino wars, and craps. The third type is the video terminal games like video poker, slots (both three and five reels) etc.

You can spot the best online casinos if they offer all three types of the games though there may be some casinos that specialise in skilled games like backgammon and poker. You have the option of selecting any game you are particularly interested in whether the online casino provides them or not.

4. Gaming Software

Online casinos use a variety of gaming software. Most of the top online casinos have connections to some of the biggest gaming software developers. Games provided by these high-quality game developers are always up to date and provide a great experience for players. These games are featured in all the best online casinos due to their high quality, good audio-visual effects and good streaming speeds as well as the software speed which plays an important role as it allows the players to enjoy the games better.

5. Banking Options

This is an important factor to distinguish between an average online casino and the best ones. Normally, online casinos would offer deposit options using credit cards to make online transactions. But much has changed in recent times, the best online casinos now have several options for deposits and withdrawals to enable users to choose among the several options for the one they feel is the most convenient and secure.

Banking options are also very important especially when it has to do with the availability of encrypted servers which ensures that your private information and account details remain confidential.

6. Bonuses

Most online casinos are now in the business of impressing their new customers by providing welcome bonuses and some of them will even grant referral bonuses to users. This is a common thing, but the best online casinos do more by providing sometimes even up to 10 times of your original deposit as a welcome bonus. Carefully go through the bonus options of various online casinos before settling on your preferred one. There are times when you are already done creating an account and making a deposit, only to find another online casino with much better bonus options. Therefore, it is advised that you remain patient and carefully search for the best online casino bonuses available for Ireland, so you can have more money to play with.

An online casino that considers all these factors is Paddy Power. It is recognised as one of the best online casinos in Ireland and its games are specially made to peak your interest as it offers over 85 games and exceptional software.


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