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Casino Bonuses – An Introduction

Most, if not all online Casinos offer new players the chance to cash in on some free bonus money. This way you can increase your playing time on your first visit, get a larger bankroll to start with and get a feel for the software and the type of games the Casino offers. Casino Bonuses often come in the form of bonus codes where a player is given a specific code which gives them access to an exclusive bonus. Visit our exclusive Casino bonus codes page for more info.

Welcome Gift of Casino = Casino Bonus

Most of the time Casino bonuses are awarded to new sign up’s the bonus is treated as a welcome gift and given as an additional incentive to push players to sign up and fund their accounts, there are however many online Irish Casinos that do give out Casino bonuses and free money on an ongoing monthly basis, these are referred to as reload bonuses or Casino loyalty programs. the most common Casino bonus is in the form of a rake back bonus where players are given a percentage of the rake they generate for the Casino.

Why Casinos give out Bonuses?

Casino bonuses vary from Casino to Casino. Usually, this depends on your specific relationship and customer profile you have. If you are a half decent player, it’s in the Casinos interests to give you a Casino bonus as often as possible as this generates more rake for them and increases your bankroll and thus increases your playing time on the site.

Online Casinos have to always be on their toes when it comes to promotion. Why? Simply to make online gambling same attractive as land-based.

More fun in land-based Casinos

In reality, playing in the comforts of your own home can be a bit boring when compared to going out with your family or friends and visiting land based casinos in exciting places such as Las Vegas or Europe. The delicious food served in casinos can very well stand alone as the reason to visit these types of places. The beautiful scenery, the decors and the dazzling lights will enrapture you to become bold and daring. When you are in a new and exciting place where gambling is very much encouraged, you feel emboldened to risk money and bet bigger.

The crowd would also be there to encourage you to spend your money and therefore make the coffers of the land based casinos bigger.

And how about online Casinos?

Now compare this scenario to a day when you are playing in front of your computer.

You will most probably be alone. You would prepare your own food with no one to serve you. The only scenery you see is the four walls surrounding you. There will be no one to egg you on, to encourage you to place bigger bets and to cheer your every wins. But do not discount online casinos just yet. Did you know that you stand to win more cash when you put your bets on an online casino than in land based ones?

With Bonus offers online Casino can attract new players in Ireland and keep the existing!

Because of a lessened operational expense that online casinos shoulder, they can give you better bonuses and wins that land based casinos.

Casino Bonus FAQs

What types of online Bonuses are available?

There are some commonly used types of Bonuses used by online gambling providers. They are:

  • Match Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus: Free Spins or Free Money
  • Free Play
  • Reload Bonus

Match Bonus

Take for example the matching bonus. Once you register to an online casino and deposited an amount to your account, the casino will then deposit the same amount to your account which you can then use for the games.

No Deposit Bonus

You can also take advantage of the no deposit casino bonus, the new rave in online gambling. To get the free money you need to register. And then play for free using the amount initially deposited to you by the casino itself. You can get an amount that ranges from €10.00 to €100.00. It is even possible to redeem your winnings if ever you become lucky.

Free Play Offer

In some cases, you can be given a bigger amount to use such as €1,000.00. This is called the free play bonus. You have to consume the bonus within an hour or a day after you received it to take advantage of this type of bonus. Keep in mind also that the free play bonus has certain rules on how much you can actually redeem from your winnings.

Reload Bonuses

As mentioned above, a few Irish online Casino sites offer reload bonuses to their loyal players. A reload bonus allows the player to get additional bonuses based on their deposit amounts and frequency. Reload bonuses are usually communicated to the player via personalised emails or some are available directly on the Casino website.

This types of a bonus will never be given by land-based casinos. It can only be found in web-based ones, those played right at the comforts of your own home. This may be the reason why a lot of people are turning to online casinos instead of going to land based ones nowadays.

What are Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements?

It’s important that all players are fully aware of the terms and conditions or wagering requirements associated with each online Casino bonus. Most good Casinos explain these terms on their website, some of the dodgier Casinos tend to hide their Casino bonus terms and conditions. You should be weary of these types of Casino.
When a Casino bonus is issued, usually the amount comes with some sort of playthrough requirement. Typically, the Casino bonus amount releases in increments once the player has generated a certain amount of wager. For example, for every €30 of generated, €1 Casino bonus funds are released into your account. At some sites for Players in Ireland, rates are measured by using frequent player points or some other points measurement that players can use to know how much Casino bonus is available for them and how many points they have earned.

What is Casino Bonus Cash Out Restrictions?

The nice thing about Casino bonuses is that once the player has reached the minimum number of wagering requirements the bonus is released in full into their account. Essentially the player can cash out this money i.e. the money belongs to them. In most cases, a Casino bonus is used to further fund a player’s bankroll and allow them to have more time and money to either play video slots or other games. You need to make sure that once you do claim a Casino bonus, don’t abuse this bonus in any way! Since your account may be closed by the online Casino and you will most likely lose your initial deposit.